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NOTICE: site under construction
2017 Jun 26 by J. Saubers

SimPal (Previously AlphaPAL) is NOT working yet.

It will replace AlphaPAL, and also simulate other gateways like Bitpay, OKPay, etc...

This is developed as a crowd-funded project.
The time spent on it depends on your interest which you can show from the Donate button below.
You can monitor the work on this page (and steal some code :)

Check AlphaPAL simulator at

Roadmap for SimPal:
Build skeleton based on MobiSite ✓ [June 24]
Secure Log in: In progress
Menu (responsive): In progress
Button Factory
PDT Simulator
IPN Simulator
Remedy for PHP mail() disabled, Paypal Setting page, Pre-processing request, Flat file module, PDT/IPN handler (fsock/cURL)
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yes a space haha Sawat di krah
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