About Us

SignalHire is a tool designed specifically for recruiters, marketers, and HR specialists. This handy extension can extract anyone’s contact details, including real-life phone numbers, emails, and backlinks to private social media accounts.

Initially designed for recruiters looking for human talent, SignalHire has evolved into a cutting-edge sourcing platform. It uses predictive sourcing technology, pulling data on specialists who are most likely to switch jobs soon.

With this tool, recruiters can get intelligent data on professionals’ employment mood. Today, the database has 400+ million professional contacts from the US, Australia, and Europe. SignalHire is a must-have tool for headhunters looking to increase their talent pool and marketers who need to obtain relevant, factual data on their competitors or prospects.

Contact information

SignalHire LLC

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Email: support@signalhire.com

Phone number: (+1) 650 918-5895