Making the Most of Bulk Email Address Finder for your business

Email finder is a unique tool allowing one to check email validity, look up strangers’ relevant contact info, have all of your professional contacts in one place, and many more. SignalHire is a versatile email list checker and contact finder, suitable for a vast range of businesses and purposes. After creating an account on SignalHire and uploading a list of your LinkedIn connections, you will get a chance to expand your business outreach and make the most of your new business connections.


How to Find Emails in Mass

The logic behind this tool is incredibly simple, but its efficiency cannot be overrated. By uploading your list of LinkedIn contacts to a SignalHire database, you get a chance to look up people's relevant emails, phone numbers, and even links to their social media accounts. All of this info becomes available in three simple taps:

  • Signing up to SignalHire website and creating an account
  • Navigating to the 'Lead Lists' menu section
  • Pasting or importing LinkedIn profile URL. Supported import formats are TXT and CSV

Besides, you can always look up a particular person by name. Go to the search tab and find people suitable for your job.

Searching for phone numbers on SignalHire

A cold email is not always the best tool to convey your message and make a business offer. In some cases, a personal phone call is a wiser solution. Getting your hands on someone's real phone number is next to impossible on LinkedIn, though. That is why SignalHire offers this opportunity. Making use of SignalHire bulk phone finder is as easy as looking up emails. Simply upload your list of contacts from LinkedIn and get all the relevant info on professional peers you would like to call.


Track leads & conversations with a handy CRM

SignalHire is more than a bulk email & phone lookup service. This service offers a wide range of features most busy professionals will appreciate. Aside from looking up contacts and reaching out to prospective leads, it gives a chance to:

  • Sync your personal email account to SignalHire and always stay up to date to the latest events and notifications
  • Get info on all email opens to see if your marketing campaign needs extra polishing
  • Send bulk emails to multiple recipients in a click
  • Create several email lists, including black copy lists
  • Share team access with your colleagues

With a tool like this, no list of professionals is hidden from you. You can explore people by skills, industry, and plenty of other parameters you may be interested in. SignalHire pro database offers a unique chance to find accurate emails of anyone you'd like to contact, along with other essential information. Making new leads and expanding your business has never been easier!


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